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David Letterman is under fire for making a joke about S Palin’s daughter getting knocked up by a a major league baseball player. I am not saying it is right or wrong however….A politician states it is effecting children and teens self esteem. Media can impact self esteem..yes!

IN the USA we have free speech and free will. We can choose to turn of TV. How many shows are out there that make sexual jokes? We have a TV show called weeds which I have not seen , however, I am told it is a ref to marijuana. I did see an add implying that the star is the hemptress which is clearly a marijuana related term.

We can turn TV’s off and turn the Internet off. There is so much pornography and unhealthy mass hypnosis out there that are bombarding children and teens and polluting our minds.. TV is marketed to the average third grade mind and 98% of society is watching hours per day.

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It is up to parents to plant healthy seeds in their children and teens minds. It is up to parents to spend time listening and talking to children and teenagers. It is the parents responsibility to set limits on TV and Internet and video game usage… Parents must set boundaries and say no.. Do you really want TV and the Internet teaching values and ethics to your children??? We must wake up now!!!!

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