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Sixty percent of sunscreen products on store shelves are unsafe or ineffective. Many sunscreen products contain hazardous chemicals or inadequate protection from the sun according to a Washington DC research group.

A majority of sunscreens contain oxybenzone which is a chemical that can penetrate the skin and interfere with hormonal development.

The biggest offenders are some of the industry’s biggest names in the marketplace.

We would benefit from researching the elements that are placed in the products we consume or use and testing LONG TERM effects of these products before they are sold in retail stores.

How safe are the products we use daily: shampoo? soaps? household items? lotions? Makeup? deodorant? Toothpaste? Foods we consume? products to preserve foods? chemicals in foods? medications?

It is vital that we have qualified researchers study the impact of these chemicals on our long term health. We need someone to let us know what is healthy or unhealthy especially when there are a million ingredients and chemicals we know nothing about typically. If we place a product on the market without long term research and later find out it is unsafe after people get sick or die then we are not really looking out for society.

Many studies last only 8-12 weeks for a wide variety of products we consume. The reality is we use these products for years if not decades. Prevention is the biggest element that is missing in our health care reform. teen counseling Phoenix, adolescent counseling Phoenix, teenager counseling phoenix Arizona, Child counseling Phoenix Arizona, Family counseling Phoenix Arizona, counseling families Phoenix Arizona, counseling individuals phoenix Arizona, adult counseling Phoenix Arizona. Teen counseling ahwatukee Arizona, Child counseling ahwatukee Arizona, family counseling ahwatukee Arizona. Adolescent counseling scottsdale Arizona, teen counseling scottsdale Arizona, family counseling scottsdale Arizona.

Prevention can benefit people: healthy diets, exercise, sleep, boundaries, healthy communication, coping with grief, coping with anger, coping with mood, learning tools to cope with anxiety and stress, stress management and more…

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