Insomnia Phoenix Arizona

Fifty Six million prescriptions for sleep medication were dispensed last year. This is mind boggling…We all want a quick fix..Drive through Strabucks for our soy mocha latte. We want a quick fix if we are tired so we have a red bulll or energy drink. We want it now and we want it rapidly. We have lost our patience and we are not willing to look at the root of our challenges or prevention.Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger used prescriptions for sleep and this did not work. Many americans are also using prescriptions for sleep. Self medicating with alcohol and pils can exacerbate the problem according to experts.

Insomnia can create social issues such as: less enjoyable relationships with partners, decreased ability to enjoy freinds and family. Decreased enjoyment with ones career or job. Insomnia can trigger physical issues: gastrointestinal, hypertension, heart disease,and diabetes. Insomnia feeds into the potential for depression. Sleep is very important and many do not understand how vital it is to our health. provides counseling children Phoenix Arizona, Counseling Teens Phoneix Arizona, counseling adolescents Phoneix Arizona, Counseling adults Phoenix Arizona, counseling families Phoenix Arizona, family counseling ahwatukee Arizona, family counseling Scottsdale Arizona, teen counseling scottsdale arizona, adolescent counseliong Scottsdale arizona, child counseling scottsdale arizona, child counseling cave creek arizona, teen counsleing cave creek arizona, and more…

Counseling and therapy can provide many techniques to help induce sleep: hypnotherapy, progressive relaxation techniques, visualization, anxiety reduction exercises, diaphramatic breathing, cognitive behavioral techniques, DBT, and more.

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