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It is shocking to realize that 200 million Americans are overweight or obese. Well actually it may be logical that Two hunded million Americans are overweight. Children, Teens, and Adults in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, Los Angeles and the USA spend most of their time: watching television, texting, cell phoning, emailing, or on the internet. This does not leave time for healthy exercise or activity.

Caloric restrictions greatly reduces the risk of age-related diseases and even postpones death that is why this article is important to society.

Rheuss monkeys that had a reduced caloric intake in a twenty year study had huge results < the monkeys risk of dying from cancer, heart disease and diabetes fell more than two thirds!!!!! WOW!!!!!! This evidence plus other studies seem to state that caloric restriction is a healthy way for longevity in life. In the monkey study the monkeys that ate the regular diet were three times more likely to die of an age-related disease than their peers on calorie restricted food. The rate of cardiovascular disease and pre-cancerrous cell growth were twice as high in the group that was not on the calorie restricted diet. Lifeworksaz counseling Children Phoenix Arizona, teens phoenix Arizona, adults Phoenix Arizona, Counseling family Phoenix Arizona, counseling family Ahwatukee Arizona, family counseling Phoenix Arizona, Family counseling tempe Arizona, family counseling glendale Arizona, Child counseling Phoenix, Children counseling Phoenix, family counseling Phoenix, adolescent counseling Glendale Arizona, adolescent counseling Phoenix Arizona, adolescent counseling scottsdale Arizona.

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