Alcohol Drinking Beer Campaign targets college universities

Anheuser -Busch has a new marketing campaign to sell beer it involves
using University school colors to sell beer.

Twenty five schools have formally asked Anheuser-busch to drop the
campaign near their schools.

Lawyers have threatened trademark infringement demanding Anheuser-
busch to stop selling the beer cans with university connected colors
in their states.

In 2005 alcohol related deaths were at approx 1900. Over 600,000
students are injured due to alcohol per year. A study states that
almost 100,000 are victims of alcohol related assaults.

Make healthy choices for your future … I met a gal who was 20 who is
now in a wheelchair for the rest of her life due to an alcohol related

Think and make good choices…do not let peer pressure or stress
control healthy life decisions . Build yourcself esteem and do not
take risks than can harm you or others.. Alcohol and danger go hand in
hand many times…be safe and enjoy your life !!!!

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