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Sixty five percent of high School teens admitted they were stressed in a recent study. up to seventy percent of children 9-13 stated they were stressed in life at a moderate level.

Anxiety and stress appears to impact almost fifteen percent of youth ages 9-17. Many physical symptoms like: sleep disorders, stomach aches, headaches, and behavioral problems at school and behavioral problems at home cab be attributed stress and anxiety.

Societal pressure to excel at a high level in everything a child or teen does can create anxiety and stress. Parents can model balance, peace, relaxation for their children and teens and teach balance in: homework, cell phone use, texting, spending time at friends, sleep, athletics, and more. If a child or adolescent is out of balance it will create: anxiety, stress, fear, and potentially many other issues. Children and teens learn about stress and anxiety from those around them parents or grandparents typically.

Parents often overschedule their child or adlescents activities are setting the child and teen up for stress overload. A child/ Teen that does not have down time to relax or unwind is an unbalanced child or teen, play with friends, etc. child depression counseling Phoenix Arizona, teen depression counseling Phoenix Arizona, adolescent depression counseling Phoenix Arizona,teenager depression counseling Phoenix Arizona, anxiety counseling teen Phoenix Arizona, anxiety counseling child Phoenix Arizona,anxiety counseling children Phoenix Arizona, family counseling pheonix arizona, faily counseling scottsdale arizona, family counseling cave creek arizona, family counseling ahwatukee arizona, teen stress counseling Phoenix Arizona, child stress counseling Phoenix Arizona,teen stress manangement counseling Phoenix Arizona, angry child counseling Phoenix Arizona, angry chil;dren counseling Phoenix Arizona, angry teen counseling pheonix Arizona, angry adolescent counseling phoenix Arizona, angry children counsleing Phoenix, anger child children teenager Phoenix Arizona Counseling and more.. behavior child counseling Phoenix arizona,behavior teen counseling phoenix Arizona

Teaching children to cope with stress and grief and anxiety and challenges is the best thing a parent can do. Coping skills allows the child’s hormones and brain the balance it needs to grow and develop into balanced healthy young adults.

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