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Children and teen stress are inevitable in life. Parents can model stress management skills that will be helpful for children and teens.

Children and Teens should set a side time to relax. This means time without : internet, TV, Cell Phone, video games etc. A child can listen to soothing music and use diaphramatic breathing as well progressive relaxation and visualization techniques to relax. Taking 15-30 minutes a day is very important for your child and adolescents health.

Solid sleep is vital for children and teens. Poor sleep creates too much of the chemical cortisol. Too much cortisol in the brain and body is not the elemnt needed to fight or manage stress.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is vital for stress management for children, teens, adolescents, and adults. A diet that has lots of vegetables and fruits in it is beneficial.

One of the best remedies for stress is daily exercise: walking, running, basketball, biking, swimming, lifting weights, martial arts, dancing…exercise exercise exercise is VITAL.

Parents can set limits on technology: facebook, myspace, texting, cell phone use, psp, video game playing, internet, Television….Setting bondaries and limits is one of the ebst things a parent can do to create health for their children and teens.

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