Children Teens Adolescents Medication ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Mood, Anger

Many children, teens and adolescents are taking medications for: ADD, ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, sleep disorders and other mental health issues in Phoenix Arizona as well as in the USA.

It is extremely interesting that American children and teens are THREE TIMES more likely to be prescribed psychotropic medications( these are medications that alter perception, emotion or behavior) than children , teens, adolescents in European countries. Counseling child Phoenix Arizona, Family counseling Phoenix Arizona, counseling adolescents Phoenix Arizona, adolescent counseling Phoenix Arizona, teen counseling Phoenix Arizona, teenager counseling phoenix Arizona, anger counseling Phoenix Arizona, angry child Phoenix Arizona, angry teen Phoenix Arizona, Defiant teen Phoenix Arizona,depression child Phoenix Arizona, depressed child Phoenix Arizona, Teen depression Phoenix Arizona, adolescent depression counseling Phoenix Arizona, Counseling depression child Phoenix Arizona, counseling teen depression Phoenix Arizona,Child self esteem counseling Pheonix Arizona, teen self esteem counseling Phoenix Arizona,Teenager self esteem counseling phoenix Arizona.

There are a number of hypothetical reasons for these differences: cultural( we believe in the quick fix), marketing( potentially more money is spent marketing these medications). Western healthcare’s philosophy of finding a diagnosis( Insurance companies require a diagnosis) for reimbursement. We could have unhealthier children in the USA….more studies need to be done. European health care focuses on prevention..lose weight.. eat healthy..exercise before you get obese and before you get high blood pressure or diabetes.

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