Respect manners classy behaviors

I was speaking to a friend in Tucson who teaches students and we
started talking about respect.

Many students in her middle school show no respect to their teachers.
The children have no manners and do not say thank you. The children
have never been taught to honor their elders, respect adults, honor
their mother and father.

I believe schools should demand: ethics, morals, manners and more.
Students should be graded on manners as well as their academics!!!

I spoke to another friend who is extremely intelligent and who is a
prof. at a university last week. She was upset that her graduate level
students were lacking manners, respect, and professionalism . She
stated they were rude, impolite, judgmental, negative, not team
players, and lacked values and ethics. She stated they were " low
class" adults in graduate school.

I explained to her that these students must be taught values and
manners for the best interest of humanity and the Usa!!!

She stated her university was planning on implementing a grading
system that penalized students for attacking, judging, and for having
poor manners!!!

I support her university and hope more schools teach values to
students since many have never learned them at home!

David R Abrams
Life Works AZ PLLC
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