Teens Sexting Dangers Teen Behavior Phoenix Arizona Child Behavior Phoenix

Children and teens are sending nude photos to peers or racy pictures to friends at school.

If the photo is that of a minor ( under 18 years old) it legally is considered child pornography. Charges filed can be for lewd and lascivious conduct and diseminating indecent materials to a minor.

Most states classify the above behavior as a felony and children and teens throughout the US in Arizona, California, Texas, etc have charged children and teens with felonys for passing up( emailing these photos)

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Children and teens must be taught about the consequences of sexting since sexting is a behavior on the rise that is very common today. It is essential to teach children consequences for behaviors and we can implement consistent consequences to help eliminate unhealthy behaviors.

Parents must have strategies and parental controls in place and be pro-active otherwise their will be a nuclear fallout at school or with the law.

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