Teens video games Learning Judicial system stay out of Crime

The USA and school systems should continue to embrace video game learning. Children and teenagers will stay in school longer and graduate if we can modify the learning process.

Video games can be fun and help children and teens that are easily bored can not focus or have ADD or ADHD in Phoenix Arizona or Scottsdale Arizona. Interesting video games can teach children and teens: law, government, math, science, nutrition, health physics, writing styles, civics, arts and crafts, history and much more.

Our government recently has created video games to teach civics to children and teens.Children and teenagers are the future of this country.

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If we continue to encourage children and teens to stay in school through creative learning tools our country can become leaders in technology and manufacturing and all areas of production. If we do not keep children in school we will have: crime, unemployment, financial crisis, tragedy and much more.

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