What is really important Less is More! Recession, Money, Life

The economy has given many people an opportunity to explore the concept of change. Twenty one percent of people have been unemployed and this not by choice. As much as we like to do as we please the reality is we must deal with change: deaths, tragedy, job loss, bad news, a poor economy and more.

Accumulating and buying more “things” , toys, “items” , boats, vehicles, jewelry, will not bring us piece of mind. In fact research shows that a millionaire is no more likely to be happy than someone earning one twentieth as much.

Due to the economy research shows that over forty percent of our society in the uSA: Phoenix Arizona, Scottsdale Arizona, Ahwatukee Arizona, Glendale, Chandler Arizona, Tempe Arizona, cave Creek Arizona, Carefree are feeling: anxious, stress, anxiety and nervous.

Research shows Thirty two percent of the population are having trouble sleeping nationally and in Phoenix Arizona, scottsdale Arizona, Glendale Arizona, Chandler Arizona, Tempe Arizona and Paradise valley Arizona.

Over twenty percent of the population are feeling:sad, depressed, down or blue and if we look at Phoenix Arizona assuming we have 4.2 million people in the valley of the Sun including mesa, Phoenix Scottsdale, tempe, Glendale Arizona then 84,000 people are feeling depressed.

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Our society has an opportunity to learn what is really important in life: our families, our children, our siblings, our Mom’s, our grandparent’s, our cousins, our Aunts. We have the opportunity to be grateful for what we have and the freedoms we have in the USA. We have the opportunity to be thankful for our friendships and those we love. we have the opportunity to be healthy and be thankful for what health we have and how we can become more healthy and balanced in our lives. We have the opportunity to become balanced in our work and with our families and set healthy boundaries to alleviate stress. We can get healthy with our diets and we can healthy with exercise. It is an opportunity to change and it is a wakeup call for many if we will listen…

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