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Frequent loss of temper over small issues,
Frequent physical fighting with friends, acquaintances and family members,
Damaging property while in a fit of anger,
Use of drugs and/or alcohol,
Written plans for violent acts,
Carrying a weapon(s),
Been the victim of school bullies,
Gang affiliations,
Failure to acknowledge the feelings of others
Fascination with weapons and
Cruelty to animals.

Many teenagers suffer from a low sense of self or self-esteem. Teens can be hard themselves with the negative messages they bombard themselves with daily. Feeilngs of inadequacy, rejection, fear; thoughts of” being bad”, “not good enough”, not loved, “not worthy”, “not valuable”, create an angry child or teenager or an adult.
Teaching anger management skills, life skills, building self esteem, changing negative thoughts and cognitions and learning skills to do so will help a child and teen become a healthy balanced young adult.

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