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In todays world children and teens become overloaded with stress. Children and teens have poor coping skills, anger is the only way they know how to avoid feeling sad, hurt, or scared.

Children and Adolescents have unrealistic expectations, especially if they are spoiled or fill a sense of entitlement. If “this” does not happen, or they realize that things are not always within their control – they get angry.

Their anger can take many forms – some teens might stuff their anger and withdraw, while others get irritable,violent,destructive and may turn to illegal drugs and/ or alcohol.

Various situations can bring out feelings of anger. Parents are often caught by surprise and react by either yelling or arguing back, or punishing their teen for showing their anger.Anger can breed more anger in children or teens.

Instead, parents need to see this show of anger or rage as a signal that their teen may be lacking problem solving skills, or is overwhelmed by the demands of his or her daily live. counseling Children, teens, adolescents Phoenix Arizona

A child or teen that is angry is calling out for love and needs to learn new life skills to cope with stress and anger and sadness and fear in their lives.

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