Angry Teen Anger Phoenix Arizona

Many Children teens are angry and feel they have been “wronged”. It may be a parent that is critical or a parent that is judgmental or critical. It may be an irrational or distorted thought in relation to a friend or family member that needs to be modified.

Children and teens have many negative thoughts or cognitions that keep them angry, stuck, and frustrated. This anger impacts their school performance, social dynamics,
and creates tension and stress at home. Cognitive Behavioral counseling is an evidence based therapy that shows great results in modifying anger and unhealthy behaviors.

Children and teens can learn about forgiveness and acceptance versus attacking, judgment, and criticism and see how it is impacting their mood and life via counseling and psychotherapy.

In mixed martial arts athletes are taught to side step their attackers force rather than taking the “hit” or “blow” by doing so the attackers energy bounces back onto the attacker. If we maintain judgment and criticism we will be judging and criticizing our selves exponentially. It is heavy.

If we judge someone we will feel judged. If we are angry at others we may feel better for the moment but all our fear and guilt will come back to our mind and body.

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