Here are some common symptoms of early-onset Bipolar Disorder. There may be many more symptoms for Bipolar disorder as well that are not listed.

Bipolar symptoms for early onset may include;

Separation anxiety, anger and rage, displaying defiant or oppositional behaviors, ADHD like behaviors ADD like behaviors, Impulsive behaviors, hyperactive behaviors, inability to focus, unable to sit still.

More behaviors include: low sense of self or low self esteem, challenges waking in the morning, highly emotional and reactive behaviors, anxiety in relation to social situations, feeling grandiose and narcissistic, selfish, ego, feeling sad, feeling blue, feeling down, anger and aggression verbally or physically, thoughts will not stop in mind.

There are many things to help balance ones mood psychotherapy and counseling has shown great results in many instances.

Articles are not to be taken as a substitute for professional advice or counseling.