Child Teen behavior: Anger, Defiance, Etc

Your child or teens’ anger may be a defense to avoid painful feelings; it may be associated with failure, low self-esteem,family perceptions, and feelings of loneliness; or it may be related to anxiety about situations over which the child has no control.

It is important to look underneath the anger and defiance to see what need your child or teen is hoping to receive.

Avoid power struggles with your child and teen.

Communicate to reach a solution. Give up the need to be right! (ego, pride)

Acknowledge your child or adolescent teens problem and empathize with them.

Do not expect your child or teen to read your mind.

Focus on challenge at a time and do not bring in past issues.

Look for areas you can both agree upon.

There are many ways a child can learn to cope with his feelings and communicate in healthy ways. Your child and teen and family will be better off if you can incorporate some of these tools if not all in your family.

Articles are not to be taken as a substitute for professional advice or counseling.