Anger Teens Phoenix Arizona

Many teens get angry! Anger is legal in the United States of America. You have the right to feel angry and you have the right to express your anger. Expressing your anger in a healthy way is key so you do not: victimize others, hurt others, disrespect family, disrespect your teachers, disrespect yourself, or break the law.

There are many ways teens can express anger in healthy ways. The first key is becoming aware that you are angry and you can usually feel it in your body: muscles, expressions, stomach, feeling hot or warm, eyes, jaw etc.

Expressing your anger in healthy ways can be: hiking, exercise, skateboarding, writing, creating music, singing, playing an instrument, punching a pillow, taking a relaxing shower, venting without hurting or attacking others, writing an angry letter and ripping it up before it is sent. provides family counseling in Phoenix, Child Therapy phoenix, Adult Therapy Phoenix,Teen Anger management Phoenix, Child anger management Phoenix, Family therapy Phoenix and more.

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