Angry Teenagers Arizona

Teens are at times taught that anger is bad. Anger is an emotion and can be used for good or for bad. Expressing anger in a health way without harming someone or self can be very positive. In fact it is unhealthy for teens to stuff their anger and act as if all is great when in fact they are very angry.

Anger that is not processed may likely ooze out in unhealthy ways: violence, verbal abuse, risky behaviors, attacking and judging others, Substance abuse, depression, anxiety and much more.

Healthy emotions and communication is dealing with ones feelings daily and not stuffing them down or avoiding them with: TV, internet, texting, cell, video games etc…this may be ok for a short time but eventually the anger will build and then there will be an expression of unhealthy anger because the avoidance becomes a habit and this will not work in the long run.

Take the time to help your child or teen cope with his or her anger sooner than later.

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