Disrespectful Teen Defiant Teen

Many parents have challenges with defiant and disrespectful teens. There are many things that can contribute to a teens behavior.

Many adolescents are angry and have not learned healthy ways to cope with their emotion or how to express their emotions in positive and healthy ways.

Many teens are not receiving adequate sleep. A large group get involved in texting on their cell all night and this impacts their mood and behavior at school.

Many teens are lonely and bored and get involved with peers that are not involved in healthy and productive activities. They learn negative behaviors and this spills over at the home.

Teens get stressed about family situations, divorces, family issues and more. Adolescents also get stressed about school grades and school challenges.

Adolescents are going through hormonal changes and developing. Social skills, healthy communication, self esteem, healthy choices, healthy boundaries, and balance are areas teens can improve upon as well.

Behavior change in your teen can happen rapidly with support and a consistent plan to address the above areas and more. Parents must stay positive and take action steps.

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