Disruptive child behavior school Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe

Teachers have noticed sharp escalation of disruptive behaviors in the classroom. There is a rise in : emotional , mental , and behavioral problems in the school.

The schools believe there is a lack of boundaries at home, parents are not home enough do to work, there is a lack of positive role models at home or in the child’s life, more families are divorced and there are millions of single parents raising children and balancing work and other obligations . Children have low self esteem and are seeking attention at school because they are not receiving the attention needed at home .

Aggressive behavior, verbal abuse , property damage , bullying physically and emotionally , disrespect to teachers, social media bullying, stealing , abuse toward teachers , not paying attention , smoking , and more is on the rise .

Family counseling combined with individual counseling and therapy can help modify unhealthy behaviors , teach healthy boundaries to parents and children , learn mood regulation, learn stress management skills , learn to boost self esteem , learn healthy communication skills , build social skills , change negative thinking and behaviors , learn to manage anger at home and at school, teach children problem solving techniques as well as work on creating healthy life skills .

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