Teen in Tempe, Arizona arrested for explosive device

A Tempe Arizona high school student was arrested for possessing allegedly a improvised explosive device . The device was not big however police state it could cause serious damage .

A house keeper discovered several explosives in the home while cleaning the house . Authorities are not sure of how these explosives were intended as in was there a plan to use them ? Why did the student have them ?

Bomb technicians defused the explosive device and it was an IED that was active and could cause serious damage .

Gunpowder and two more bombs as well as another improvised explosive device was found in the home .

The parents were not aware that their son age 18 had these devices in their home .

It is difficult for parents to know exactly what is being hidden in a child’s room or in the home . It is important for parents to be open with their children and let them know what is safe and acceptable in the home and what is not safe. Also parents must set limits and communicate boundaries as well as consequences for bringing illegal substances. ( drugs , weapons , stolen property ) anything that is illegal , dangerous ,and not healthy.

In today’s age of technology 24/7 it is important that parents monitor friends, activities, and that they have access to technology to prevent potential dangerous , illegal, and unhealthy choices for their children .

Being aware of what your child is doing after school is vital . What type of friends is he or she associating with? Have you net the parents ? Are the children supervised when away from the home ? Is your child isolated ? Is your child sad? Is your child angry? Is your child’s grades suffering ? Is your child zoned out on video games and Internet and tv? Is your child involved in productive activities ?Are they using drugs, marijuana, or alcohol ? Is your teen doing homework daily ? Is your teen or child involved in sports , music, a club,
positive activities ? Is your child spending quality time one on one with parents? Do you spend time one on one listening to your child without solving the problem or cutting them off before they tell you their thoughts and express their feelings ? Does your child or teen have balance ? Enough sleep? Enough healthy foods ?

It is best to be safe and aware.

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