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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is the most common mental health condition among children and adolescents .

Many children in America are under diagnosed for mental health disorders : ADHD , depression , Anxiety Disorders, Oppositional defiant disorders, conduct disorders , social anxiety , panic , ADD.
Adjustment issues do to family changes , divorce , single parenting, new schools , moving due to employment , grief and loss issues , low motivation , poor academics , and more .

ADHD and ADD are labels that explain certain behaviors . ADHD can be managed through a variety of skills and techniques that empower your child or teen to : stay calm, be more focused , manage and channel intense energy in a healthy manner , become more organized , create healthy habits , create rituals that will help manage a wandering mind, help a child or teen become more motivated for success.

Anyone with ADHD can learn effective time management skills as well as organizational skills to help with productivity and completion of desired tasks .

There is also some evidence to suggest that learning organizational skills lead to reductions in ADHD symptoms and gains in academic functioning. Many ADHD clients report that creating specific organizational systems and habits are vital to managing ADHD behaviors .

Social skills can be impacted by ADHD as well as learning strategies to empower oneself with strong social skills is vital for success .

Sometimes procrastination or lack of motivation seems to be a core issue with ADHD or ADD patients . The reality is that creating a system that is clear and effective that provides positive feedback and affirmation for success is just one key to overcoming ADHD and ADD challenges .

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and talk therapy as well as creative therapies such as art therapy and sports therapy allow children to build on their strengths and create a successful and happy environment : socially , mentally , physically and emotionally .

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