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Anger creates stress which can lead to physical symptoms including but not limited to : headaches , heart pain and problems , high blood pressure , stomach aches , back aches and more.
It is important to learn how anger affects your body and this will help recognize when you are becoming angry .

Some teenagers and children : cry , feel their face getting hot , grind their teeth , notice heart is beating very fast, break out in a rash all over their body or in certain parts of the body , have difficulty breathing or feel short of breath , get stomach pains or aches , sweat , have tics or twitching , feel dizzy , sick to the stomach , roll eyes, and more .

Knowing what your specific body responses is just one step in becoming aware of when you need to cool it or manage your anger .

There are many counseling techniques used to help manage anger. Anger does not have to turn into fighting and yelling and physical aggression with your family , friends , at school and more .

One big reason it is important to deal with anger is that if left unmanaged it can often turn into addictions like alcohol and marihuana use as well as other unhealthy habits and addictive behaviors .

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