Social Skills, Anger, Children: therapist teenagers Scottsdale and Phoenix,

Many children and teens struggle making friends at school or outside of
school . It is easy to get lost in : video games, tv, Facebook, twitter,
instagram, you tube, texting,
movies and all the technology that is all around us. Many children and
teens suffer from mood issues and anger due to their lack of self esteem
and inability to make friends
and keep them. The failure to learn social skills can lead to isolation,
feelings of loneliness, frustration, rejection, and very low self
esteem. Social skills are important because they
allow us to interact with society and be understood as well as
understand others. People that have good interpersonal skills are viewed
in society as competent and successful. Children and
teens that have poor social skills are seen as inept and unable to
relate to the world, obtain a quality job, unable to have valuable
relationships and more.

Social skills are learned behaviors. They are taught with family and
reinforced in the school and the community. Parents setting rules and
standards is important for acceptable behaviors.The
social skills that make up that base of social understanding are:
learning to be patient, taking turns, being respectful to elders and
parents and authority, praising others, being thankful, manners,
listening to others, waiting your turn to speak, knowing what is
appropriate to talk about with others, setting healthy boundaries:
verbally, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Parents can ask themselves if their child or teen has the ability to
make quality long term friendships. Is your child: cooperative, a good
listener, able to talk to other people, helpful,
able to share my possessions with others, can take advise from my friend
without getting anger, can be trusted with secrets, can support their
friends and family, can give helpful advise,

Learning strong social skills is important for: family, friends, dating,
meeting acquaintances, strangers, dating and more. Social skills can
impact: employment , careers, keeping a job, education,
and more. Children can learn appropriate skills like: effective
listening, mirroring, empathy, healthy communication skills and more to
create success in all areas of life.

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