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Stress and anxiety takes many forms and can present itself in many
different situations. It can impact social situations, friendships,
academics and work. Anxiety can cause someone to avoid getting a job or
moving into a new situation that is better for the individual
however the anxiety is keeping the person stuck. Depression and anxiety
are close relatives however you can see how not taking
action on something you desire can impact your mood in a negative way.
Anxiety can impact sleep and lack of sleep or interrupted sleep
will negatively impact mood, energy, performance and more. Anxiety is
seen weekly in college football where great athletes get stressed out
and : drop wide open passes, mishandle punts, miss field goals that are
made in practice, throw interceptions, mis assignments,
miss standard tackles, make mental mistakes that impact the team in a
negative manner.

Some common forms of anxiety: social anxiety, generalized anxiety,
separation anxiety, performance anxiety, panic attacks, phobias
and more. All of these can be managed through various tools that are
evidence based. counseling and therapy teaches tools that will help
manage anxiety and stress. It is a collaborative effort to help
with each child or adults anxiety challenge. An initial assessment is
done to look at all aspects of ones life from birth till present:
including academics, development, parenting,self esteem, family,
medical, social, behavioral, emotional, mental, mood, stressors,
positive strengths of each individual and more.

After the assessment David will create unique service plan to address
areas of concern. There are many great research based tools
that are taught depending on the challenged areas. Some evidence based
tools that have great success treating anxiety are:
cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, Progressive Relaxation Tools, CBT
Mindfulness tools. David has a history of success using the above
mentioned skills. David also has a history of success working with
children and teens that have anxiety. David uses play therapy, art
therapy, sports therapy games, talk therapy combined with CBT and more
to facilitate rapport and create desired change.

If you go to you can read testimonials from parents and
adults that suffered from anxiety as well as many
professionals and experts that have observed David and his work.

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