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There is not one component to behavior problems, anger, disrespect, or
mood regulation issues in children, however, there are a few things
that are important. Eating a healthy diet can help balance out mood .

Eating a well balanced diet daily characterized by vegetables, fruits,
berries, poultry, fish,was associated with a lower prevalence of
depressive symptoms and a lower risk of depression. Eating folate is
associated with a decreased risk in depressive symptoms. Vegetables,
whole grains, and fruits are important dietary sources of folate. Eating
processed foods such as: meat that is processed, sugar, manufactured
foods, non organic foods, foods with additives, sugary foods that are
not natural, were associated with depression and depressive symptoms.

Many parents are concerned about side effects of medications and would
prefer a natural approach. Exercise has shown to reduce anxiety and
depressive symptoms in children , teens, and adults. Exercise impacts
the neurotransmitters in the brain and helps re establish positive
behaviors. Exercise that
lasts 30 minutes or more is best however even small amounts of exercise
can help regulate: hormones that cause stress and depressive moods.
and teens that exercise 5 times a week will have a tool to manage
depression and mood. It is one tool children and teenagers can use
however there
are many other tools and skills that children and teens can use to help
manage stress and depressed moods as well as anxiety and anger.
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