Cyber Bullying Child : Counseling Therapist Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona

Children are being bullied online, via texting, and at school. This can have a serious impact on your child’s mental and emotional as well as physical well being. Many parents are not aware that this abusive behavior is going on because many children are afraid to share this information because the bullying might get even worse off.

A 12 year old cheerleader Rebecca committed suicide recently due to bullying by peers. The girls that bullied her are facing charges of felony aggravated stalking. One of the girls that victimized Rebecca admitted to bullying her and stated ” she does not give a ……” on her facebook account. The accused teen girl bully was taken into custody in the juvenile wing of Central Florida’s County Jail.

Many children do not realize the damage they are doing: sending mean messages, gossiping about the victim, threatening the victim, sending or spreading unflattering photos or messages. Cyber bullies and their parents can face legal charges for these activities. If a photo is sent that is sexual in nature the child can be charged with a sexual crime and become a registered sex offender in some states.

Over fifty percent of teens have been bullied online in Arizona and in the United States. Over thirty three percent of youth have been threatened online and victimized. Over twenty five percent of adolescents have been bullied through the internet or through their cell phones. Over one million children have been harassed or threatened over social media alone in the last year. Only seven percent of parents are concerned about cyber bullying. Almost seventy percent of youth state cyber bullying is a serious concern for them. Most teens believe it is easier to bully via technology than it is to do so in person.

Parents can set up contracts with children  and teens regarding cyber bullying. Parents should educate children about this behavior and let them know it is not acceptable. Limiting access to technology is important. Monitoring technology and having access to pass words is important. Creating a contract that specifically states the consequences of inappropriate behaviors via technology is important. Setting healthy boundaries with all types of technology is important and really vital to your child’s health.

Children and teen’s that have been victimized and bullied struggle with mood issues  like : anxiety, ptsd, depression. The victims suffer socially and their self esteem likely can be shattered. Suicide is becoming a more  frequent result of cyber bullying.

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