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Medications for ADHD are on the rise for active and impulsive and hyperactive children over the past twenty years.ADHD children are being labeled as having a serious neurological mental health disorder . Fifteen percent of High School students in America including Arizona show a diagnosis for ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The number of children with this diagnosis has soared from 500,000 to Four Million in the past two decades according to the article.

Some experts state that it is a legitimate diagnosis and approx. 5% of children have this diagnosis but it is being over sold to adults and children. Some experts believe it is a mechanism for dispensing more medication. Some experts state the increase in ADHD is in line with marketing and PR campaigns that push the medication via magazines, advocacy groups, bands like Maroon 5, and other Television personalities that are being paid.

Few dispute the fact that ADHD is a true diagnosis however many believe it is a blanket diagnosis for: poor grades, lack of focus, family stress, parenting issues, behavioral issues and more. ADHD diagnosis per the DSM ( Mental Health Bible) has been loosened and ADHD diagnosis now includes carelessness and a lack of focus as criteria for ADHD .

Some experts state main stream magazines and media advertise ADHD as a cure for bad grades and family stress. An implication in one ad is that a child will take out the garbage if on the medication. A Multi Billion dollar  Pharma company has subsidized 50,000 comic books where a super hero tells the children that medications help with behavior and attention. Pharma believes they are marketing in a responsible manner. Big Pharma states that the Physicians are the one’s that must dispense medication.

Most studies of ADHD meds are short term 8-12 week studies however many children and adults are on these medications for years. The long term studies are few and far between. So little is know about what these stimulants due to the brain after 12 weeks. The short term symptoms are listed in fine print and some have included: insomnia, irritability, suppressed appetite, heart issues,  and psychosis. Of course this depends on the medication and each child or individual.

A Psychiatrist was paid 1.6 million for numerous scientific studies related to ADHD. He stated his research was not influenced by any payments. His results were used to market medications as a solution for childhood behaviors in some experts mind’s.

The marketing included slogan’s like ” The med improves academic performance”. The med implies a child will go from a monster to a smiling child. One ad states ” Like Parent like child”. Recently over 16 million scripts were written for ADHD this is 5 times the amount diagnosed 5 years ago. One could argue that their is more awareness however many believe it is from  marketing dollars.

Evidence based research states a child has more behavioral improvements and success with behavior ‘s when child, teen, and family counseling are in place if a child is on medication.

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