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Developmental psychologist state that toddlers that use physical aggression to get what they want are similar to typical 18 year old violent criminals .
Dangerous criminals do not turn violent according to mental health experts . This finding has been replicated in several research studies throughout the world .

Aggression and aggressive behavior starts as toddlers. Children learn through conditioning . We learn to use words to express ourselves and learn self control. Children learn to communicate vs using aggression .

Children learn strategies to meet their needs at age 3 . Children at 3 learn to assess situations and choose among what learned behaviors he or she can use to get what he or she desires .

Children that have aggressive / physical parenting have a higher propensity to use aggression in their daily behaviors .

Children will model parents communication techniques . If grabbing a child is your technique he or she will learn to grab siblings , peers , and family . At times their is a genetic component however a child can learn to control behaviors through behavior plans and conditioning .

Parents that yell loud and often will many times see a child that tells loud as well. Talking in a soft gentle voice with a behavior plan in place will create desired results for a life time .

Teenagers from all walks of life who believe people can’t change react more aggressively to a peer conflict than those who think people can change. And teaching them that people have the potential to change can reduce these aggressive reactions. Many children and teens see things in black and white categories. A person is either good or bad their is no grey areas. Cognitive distortions or twisted thinking is the root of many behavioral issues, mood issues, communication, social issues as well as aggressive behaviors. Individual counseling can address unhealthy thinking to reduce aggression. Lifeworksaz has worked with children ages 5-18 in this process.
Parents can learn behavior modification techniques at lifeworksaz so your child will not act out at school and at home with siblings and family members . Individual and family counseling show the best evidence based results for children . The family system must change  to obtain the desired results . Positive results and success can happen in a short time with an expert that sets the necessary treatment plan and knows how to execute it and has a history of expertise in this field . LifeworksAZ  has a great deal of experience in creating desired changes.

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