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New research has linked common chemicals and brain disorders in children and teenagers.  Manganese found in water is linked to: lower math scores, hyperactivity, impaired motor skills, and drops in intellectual functioning. Carbamates in pesticides is linked to : deficits in brain development. Polybrominated Biphenyl Ethers found as a flame retardant in furniture and toys is linked to disorders in brain development among kids with high in utero exposure.  Tetrachloroethylene found in dry cleaning solvents is linked to higher rates of mental health disorders and behavioral problems.

The developing brain of children is very vulnerable to the toxic effects of certain chemicals these products mentioned above can cause permanent brain damage and mental health disorders. It took decades for the EPA to limit the amount of lead present in paints and in soil and in homes and chip care facilities due to many cases of lead poisoning.

It is important to exercise caution and keep children away from these toxic chemicals because regardless of the amount of toxicity it can not do your child any good on any level at all.

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