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Children and teens are every bit as stressed as the adults around them per a survey in  the USA that offers a snapshot of youth and their stressors.

Adolescent youth routinely say that their school-year stress levels are far higher than they think is healthy and their average reported stress exceeds that of adults, according to an annual survey published by the American Psychological Association.

Three out of ten children reported feeling depressed in a large survey taken  in 2014. Teenagers stress level was reported higher than the average reported for adults.

Children are feeling the intense pressure of: schoolwork, homework, family stress, social and interpersonal stress, and a culture that focuses on performance more than passion. A culture that pushes consumption and accumulation of “things” as vital when an inanimate object truly can not bring a foundation of happiness to our lives.

Our society is seeing a huge increase in child and teen anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, poor social skills, and more. Children today are connected to 5-6 electronic devices that are distracting and impact: sleep, school performance, mood, relationships and more.

Teens need a support system as well as structure and tools to cope with stress and distractions that are painful and challenging.

Parents, counselors and other adults can help young people resist stress and learn to manage it better. They can set limits and firm boundaries for reasonable sleep and screen time and point their teens toward stress-relieving activities, such as exercise. Creating a balance is key to managing life for a teen. Helping a child manage his or her time, eat healthy foods, minimize electronics and video games, obtain adequate sleep, balance school with family and peers.

Lifeworks Az has expertise in helping each unique child with creating balance in all aspects of their life. Lifeworks Az also works with each parent to modify the family dynamics to create the best outcome for the family as well as the child. The research in counseling and psychotherapy shows that a combined integrative approach is the most effective and gets best results. Lifeworks Az works with: boys and girls ages 5 and up as well as with teens and parents to create desired change. Lifeworks Az looks at the child’s unique gifts and strengths and uses this  as a foundation for change. Lifeworks AZ does not label any child because a label will become used as a reason a child can not succeed and change and we have children making huge changes daily. Labels creating a feeling of being defective or disabled, or having a deficit and Lifeworks AZ focuses on the child as half full not half empty.

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