Child Self Esteem, Weight, Fat Boy Chronicle Film

I watched a movie called Fat boy chronicles today . The story is about a high school boy who is overweight and is suffering . Many other teens are in pain and it is above and beyond body image issues . Social peer relationships are important and being accepted is important in high school .

Jimmy a boy in high school is teased and bullied about his weight . He is fourteen years old and weighs 188 pounds.The main character has a class where he is required to write in a journal three times per week.

Jimmy is angry , frustrated , and sad about being teased and bullied and very few people reach out to him to become his friend . Jimmy feels all alone at high school .

He has many negative self cognitions like : ” I am a loser . I don’t matter . If I was not here no one would notice .” He states the other students do not see his strengths all they see is he is fat.

Jimmy meets a friend Paul whom does not follow his family rules and has a Dad who is an alcoholic . He is unhappy at his home and goes to party’s . Paul’s dad is found dead and Paul runs away. Jimmy reunites with Paul at a hospital .

Jimmy meets a girl his class Sable and she is cutting her arms . She tells him that some have scars that can not be healed with exercise . She is basically telling him she is in great pain and is not overweight .
Jimmy is asked to tutor the schools QB whom previously bullied him . The QB is struggling with math and
Jimmy tutors him even though the QB is verbally abusive . The QB eventually sticks up for him and protects him from another bully at the school . The QB passed his class and received a full scholarship to college and thanks Jimmy for his help .

Failure helps people learn about compassion. Some perceived disappointments are really opportunities to learn . Giving up is easy however getting back up is hard .

Jimmy starts exercising to lose weight and feel healthy . Jimmy kisses Sable in front of everyone in the middle of the cafeteria .

Jimmy’s world changed . He figured out who he was and that school was more than just about his weight . Jimmy begins to have a steady relationship w Sable andAligns w the QB.

Many teens get stuck and are in emotional pain . They need an objective support system : counselor , coach , mentor to break old patterns and create desired change .

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