Autism Children Therapy that works!

Autism is considered a life long disorder that is considered developmental by nature. The diagnosis in the DSM is based on many behavioral symptoms: social challenges, repetitive actions or obsessive behaviors, dulled sense of sensory stimulation, fixated thoughts. There is no biological test or markings. The behavioral issues become less frequent by adult hood. The alleged experts have stated that the core symptoms of autism remain. Most doctors see the glass half full in a child recovery from autism HOWEVER we know that change can happen in potentially fifty percent of autistic children in some studies.

The idea that autistic children could overcome behavioral symptoms took root with Ivar Lovas he was a founder in Applied behavioral analysis. ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis broke down every action into tiny little chunks that were learnable and could be acquired through memorization and repetition.

Many parent’s have seen their children recover from Autism using this methodology. One exercise for an autistic ¬†child was to give an instruction, prompt the child to follow the directions, reward the child when he or she completed it( clapping, tickling, ¬†cheer good boy,a candy) were some rewards provided. This child made amazing progress. The biggest challenge with this therapy is it is time consuming however if a parent is dedicated and has the time it can yield HUGE results!!!

In another case with a child that had severe autism the parents were taught tat if their child desired something, they would hand it to their child however they would not let go of the item until their child looked into their eyes. Within thirty days the autistic child was looking at individuals when he wanted an item and he had truly learned it was the only way to obtain what he desired. The boy started looking at others with direct eye contact after 120 days regardless of whether he was asking for something or not.

One boy learned the power of pointing for an item he desired instead of yelling, screaming, having a tantrum. He no longer yanked on his mom to get a particular for from the refrigerator. This success flowed into more success stories. He soon learned to use language to communicate.

Many doctors in the study as well as parents were thrilled. The experts concluded that autism were gone and their child no longer met the diagnosis of Autism .

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