Autism children Aspergers early therapy helps

Parents that observe early signs of autism may be able to help them develop normally according to recent research studies.Researchers believe repeated social interactions and stimulation and engagement with other adults helped young babies learn more about social interactions and information. This is vital for language and communication.

The research shows that these children were able to move from behind developmentally to catching up and or accelerating in their developmental stages. Incorporating talking, singing, nurturing touches at a high frequency is extremely helpful for children w autism and or similar developmental issues.

Preschool age children who receive intensive therapy tend to do better than those with pronounced symptoms who are identified after the pre-k age. The average age for autism diagnosis is age 4 however there is a push to diagnose earlier so that change can be facilitated as early as possible. One in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism in the United States.

Experts state that between 15-36 months is where autistic symptoms become more visible. Parents can learn interactive play techniques and sounds that interact with their children. Enhanced engagement with parents is a very important piece regardless of the technique that was used for engagement.

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