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Many parents are hesitant to seek outside help when behavior and mental
health are concerned, often for fear of labeling a normal childhood
phase as a problem. A good rule of thumb: but if you are concerned or
overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, ask for advice. Recognizing
symptoms is important so you can get your child help as early as
possible so the behavior can be addressed before it gets more intense
and the problems become larger. Some symptoms are: changes in appetite,
changes in sleep, irritability, social issues, social isolation,
thoughts of self harm or harming others, anger and aggression that is
creating challenges at home or at school, performance issues at school ,
somatic pain, physical complaints( headaches, stomach, etc) of course it
could be a medical issue as well but could be emotional, oppositional
behavior, mood swings, anxiety and fear that is interfering with:
school, family, social activities etc. Self harming behaviors, cutting,
risky behaviors, using illegal substances, stress, divorce, one parent
families, trauma, abuse( emotional, physical, mental, sexual), crying
often, stuffing emotions, isolating, withdrawing from once enjoyable
activities, and there are many more so if you have questions you should
set up an appointment with a mental health professional to do an
assessment. Bullying at school and other behaviors that impact your
child’s mental health must be addressed to prevent additional issues.
There are many behaviors that are red flags however it is important to
seek a professional to address most appropriate treatments.Lifeworks AZ
Pllc can do an assessment and treatment plan catered to the child or
teen’s specific challenges and can help them build confidence to address
their ADD or ADHD challenges and lead productive, positive, successful

Most parents consult with their child’s pediatrician or family
physician first. While some pediatricians may do the initial ADHD
assessment themselves, parents should always ask for a referral to an
appropriate mental health specialist for treatment. Pediatricians are
not mental health professionals and usually aren’t aware of the range
of non-medication, effective treatments also available. There are many
treatments for ADHD and ADD. Some treatments include: Behavior
Modification, Educational learning and coping skills, Problem solving
skills, Mood and stress management skills, skills to improve social
skills and healthy relationships, motivational skills , and much more.
Counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy combining individual therapy
with family therapy has the most effective outcomes in research studies.

A child psychologist or child therapist who has specific experience and
background in helping children and teens with ADHD or ADD should be
consulted for therapy (psychiatrists don’t usually do much
psychotherapy any longer). This is especially true if the child has
other learning or mental health difficulties, including anxiety
disorders fears, mood disorders, depression , behavioral issues,
oppositional defiance, conduct disorders, adjustment disorders and
social issues, relationship challenges and more. Psychotherapy used to
treat ADHD is usually conducted once-weekly for a 50-minute appointment
with the child or teen alone. Psychotherapy treatment can range from 5
sessions to 3months or longer depending on the child and family

The very nature of ADHD implies that a child or teenager will have
difficulty with self-control, impulsivity, paying attention, listening
to instructions at home and school, and following directions. Some
children seem to be predisposed to develop behavior problems by their
temperament; however, the symptoms of ADHD and ADD including
hyperactivity, impulsivity, or inattention seem to exponentially
exacerbate these negative behaviors. Managing these negative behaviors
often becomes a full-time job for parents. Lifeworks AZ helps parents
create a plan to manage children and family behaviors to create desired
positive outcomes. David R Abrams MAPC, LPC, CAGS has a great deal of
experience working with children, teens and families that have ADHD,
ADD, as well as other behavioral and mental health issues.

Lifeworks Az Therapy and counseling has expertise in: ADHD, behavioral
issues, relationships, motivation, anxiety disorder, Depressive
disorders, anger management, sports peak performance, Asperger Disorder,
social skills, sleep issues,,building self esteem and more using a wide
array of therapies to connect with each unique child and using David
Abrams MAPC, LPC 15 years of experience working with children , teens,
and families.

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