Counseling for Family and child: Behavior, Depression , ADHD, Anxiety

Is your child Depressed, Angry, Defiant, Unmotivated, irritable, does not listen, does not do chores, does not do his or her homework, lies about his or her academics? You are not alone and behavioral issues for children and teens are on the rise in an exponential fashion. The best research approach to creating desired change is a combination of child and teen counseling mixed with parenting skills and or family therapy to created desired change. Below is information on statistics for mental health issues in Arizona and the USA.

Children throughout the United States of America and in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona are experiencing a higher rate of neurological disorders and behavioral problems then were reported or diagnosed ten years a ago. The positive news is that children are facing fewer physical disabilities over the past ten years.

The unexpected spike could be attributed to more awareness of mental health disorders, better diagnostics and more availability for mental health care support in the USA.

Experts state that the increase in behavioral health issues and mental health disorders may be attributed to an increase in stress for children and families.

The increase in environmental exposures and poor dietary health habits for children and families in the USA.

Media news is at an all time high and this may impact pregnant women.

Higher rates of autism spectrum disorders, childhood anxiety, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and depression are some of the disorders that are on the rise.

Children, especially those in more socially advantaged households, may be diagnosed more readily for neurological disorders such as autism or mental health disorders, because of better access to health services and increased parental awareness of such disorders.

But environmental exposures, obesity in pregnancy and the persistent stress of the American lifestyle also help to explain the increase. During his career, Dr. Jones said, he has witnessed notable increases in autism and childhood anxiety, along with an ever-larger prevalence of ADHD and childhood depression.

Video games, media,Tv, You tube, smart phones, movies have exponentially increased: anxiety, fear, and stress. The more exposure to violence and aggression the more likelihood a child will have sleep problems, anxiety issues, academic challenges, depression , and mood disorders. Parents should limit and minimize exposure to violence and fearful media images and parents will see a shift in children’s mood etc.

Over twenty percent of American Children and teenagers have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder in America.ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) was the most widely diagnosed disorder for children under the age of eighteen.

Behavioral disorders and conduct disorders ranked second on the list of disorders among youth in the USA. Next Anxiety disorders and Depression or depressive disorders followed and next was Autistic Disorders.

Depression and alcohol use disorders were high as well as cannabis use disorders. Millions of teenagers in America abuse drugs, alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine.

Children struggle with family issues such as: grief , loss, divorce, moving schools, adoption issues, abuse, mood regulation, self esteem , social skills, healthy choices, problem solving, stress management,  ADHD, changing behaviors at home as well as at school bullying, peer pressure, addictions to electronics, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and more.

It is important to obtain support and the earlier you get counseling and psychotherapy the better chance your child or teenager has of finding balance and success. Family counseling combined with individual counseling and therapy can be extremely effective for change.

Articles are not to be taken as a substitute for professional advice or counseling.