Child ADHD Therapist Phoenix, Arizona

Today in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Goodyear and Throughout the United States parents are attempting to deal with complaints from teachers about children and teen behaviors in school.

Parents are overwhelmed and stressed with work and family obligations. Some parents turn to spanking however soon find out that this eventually makes the problem much bigger and destroys the child and parent relationship if done often and w frequency.

Pharmaceutical companies are spending Billions of dollars on TV and Internet advertisements to help save all parents. A magic pill that will make your child behave, and listen, and be respectful, and focus, and excel, and make good life choices?

This pill does not teach improved parenting skills nor healthy choices, mood regulation, problem solving, overcoming challenges, respect, ethics, values, healthy communication, boundaries, building self esteem.

Most children and teens feel blamed and labeled and that they have a “problem” a disability, a “dysfunction” , a “deficiency”, a “deficit”. There diagnosis often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy on why they can not change unhealthy behaviors. The medication is a way to chemically restrain or temporarily straight Jacket “negative” behaviors in our child.

Research shows that there are many adverse effects of these medications including but not limited to: withdrawal, growth retardation, more hyperactivity, and more inattention then before the drug was taken.

Parents must learn improved parenting skills, and help children learn to think on their own as well as make healthy choices. As parents increase their own skills they can help their children become more healthy human beings.

Parents can learn how to deal with a wide array of specific behaviors that need to be modified: Not listening or doing as told, Defying commands or requests, tantrums, manipulative statements “ I can not do it”, “you love sister more than me”), judging and criticizing others, blaming others and not taking accountability for his or her behaviors, nagging, interrupting you, complaining about physical problems that are used to manipulate when you have researched medical issues. Your child is not paying attention, learned helplessness, poor reading ability, procrastination, poor school performance: not staying on task, not following instructions, not remembering what to do, sloppy work, not doing work correctly or neatly, and more. Failing to be quiet, not staying in ones seat, blurting out answers, talking to friends when teacher is speaking, aggression verbally or physically to peers. Fighting with siblings, telling on siblings, aggression, and lying.

Reinforcing and creating a closer relationship with your child is vital. External rewards can work however participating in an activity with one’s child is vital and showing love and healthy boundaries is key. Praising your child daily for healthy behaviors and positive efforts is important.

Immediacy in reinforcing a behavior is essential. One can not wait a week to reinforce behavior in your child.

Lifeworks AZ Phoenix, Scottsdale Arizona helps parents modify behaviors and improve their life long relationship with your child. Lifeworks AZ also teaches children healthy behaviors, problem solving, mood management, social skills, and ways to build self esteem as well as healthy communication skills and more.

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