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ADHD Diagnosis is on the rise with one in five children diagnosed with ADHD in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Goodyear, Arizona.

ADHD medications are tested for 8-12 weeks and most however your children stay on these medications for years or decades. Do you want your child on a medication when you do not know what the long term effect is of these medications? Dr Breggin has numerous books out on medication. He is a Harvard graduate and physician/ Psychiatrist. Some of his published books are : medication madness, toxic psychiatry and many more. He has great concern that many of these medications are addictive and that they alter your child’s brain that is still developing.

The absolute best evidence based research approach per 100 years of research regarding children and ADHD behavior  is an approach that combines individual counseling with parenting tips and family system tips to modify behavior. All of these elements are vital in creating desired change in your child or teenager. Lifeworks AZ provides this. Working on: boundaries, social skills, communication, self esteem, impulsivity, focus, over coming challenges, organization, healthy behaviors, healthy habits is vital and no medication will give this to your child.

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry stimulant drugs used to treat ADHD do not improve children’s

symptoms long term. Children did not fare better as far as: inattention, hyperactivity, and social functioning. on these medications versus

children not on medications for ADHD. Researchers are confused by the results that attention, focus and self control should improve however, children not on medications for ADHD do just as well as children not on medications.. Researchers are confused by the results that attention, focus and self control should improve however grades do not improve for children in the long term.

Children do better with behavioral therapy combined with medication than without counseling and therapy according to research.


Research shows in AZ a link between ADHD and obesity, but whether one leads to the other is unclear. One way to better understand the link is to follow children through to adolescence. Over thirty percent of children and teens in Arizona and Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ are overweight and obese. There appears to be a connection and a correlation between weight and ADHD.

The new study, which followed almost 7000 children in Finland, found that those who had ADHD symptoms at age eight had significantly higher odds of being obese at age 16. Children who had ADHD symptoms were also less physically active as teenagers.

Alcohol/ Tobbaco

A new study revealed a significantly higher prevalence of substance abuse and dependence and tobacco use by adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) vs those without ADHD. Medications for ADHD do not counter the risk for substance abuse or substance dependence.

One million more U.S. children were taking medication for ADHD between 2003-04 and 2011-12. Twenty five percent of children meet the diagnosis for ADHD so is it a true disorder or is it just children that can not sit still for hours on end. Many adults can not sit in a classroom for an hour without wanting to get up and stay focused.

When children struggle with focusing on tasks, staying organized, controlling their behavior and sitting still, they may be evaluated for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Clinicians, however, shouldn’t stop there, according to a new study. Research shows these youth

Had adverse situations arise at home and that trauma can impact an ADHD diagnosis.

Experts state that children will have best long term results with behavioral counseling and therapy versus just taking a drug or medication. behavior management techniques for parents and coping skills and tools for children combined with behavior modification and skills training for children show excellent results. Behavioral interventions work if parents can commit to counseling with a specialist for behavior modification.

Lifeworks AZ  counseling scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler,has a specialization working with children and parents helping with ADHD symptoms as well as other emotional andbehavioral problems including: defiance , hyperactivity, conduct disorders, depression, anxiety, anger management, goal setting, focus, attention, goal setting, respectful behaviors, ADHD, and more. You can contact lifeworks az therapy and counseling .David@lifework

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