Teen and Child medication without Counseling?

Fewer than half of all children and adolescent teens with ADHD are receiving counseling with their medications. The Academy of pediatric medicine recommends therapy and behavior counseling before any medication is give to a child who is still developing. Furthermore the American Academy of pediatrics suggests that children between the ages of six and 18 that are on medications do so in unison with evidence based counseling and therapy. The American Psychological association recommends psychotherapy and counseling whenever medication is prescribed for children or teens under 18 years old.

One well know behavioral pediatrician explains that medication addresses biological components however, therapy and counseling improves outcomes by teaching skills to: manage depression, manage anxiety, build self esteem, increase social skills, improve problem solving, learning coping strategies, learn life skills and family and interpersonal skills.

Thousands of studies show that counseling and psychotherapy can improve all aspects of mental health as well as physical health that is connected to mental health issues. CBT is just one evidence based psychotherapy that is used to mange depression nd anxiety as well as many other mental health issues.

Many people want a quick fix however find out that their child is on medication for ten years or even the rest of their lives and this is not cost effective. If medication is 100.00 per month over ten years it would be 12,000 dollars in medication .

Psychotherapy results can last longer than medication,pills,pharmacological treatments alone. Children and adults that learn skills for depression and anxiety disorders can be used long after treatment or counseling has ended.

Research supports concurrent use of psychotherapy and medications for childhood anxiety, adolescent major depressive disorder, OCD, Phobias, and more.

Pharmacological treatments are on the rise and counseling and psychotherapy are on the decline. Research shows that Billions are spent on TV advertisements and this exposure gets people to ask for these medications from their physician. Counseling and psychotherapy does not have the Billions in their budget to compete in any way shape or form. Have you ever seen a commercial highlighting the benefits of counseling and psychotherapy? How many ads for medications have you seen in the last day? week? hundreds..?

For many it is easier to attend a med check 4 times a year than to attend weekly or bi monthly counseling sessions. Convenience plays a roll as well for many it appears easier to pop a pill than  attending therapy sessions. Popping a pill might be like going through a quick drive through for food vs a home cooked meal where you have all fresh ingredients and you take a lot of time to make it and put in a lot of energy. Many times the home cooked meal tastes lot better than fast food. Research shows that medications must be used with therapy and counseling  for the best results.

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