Counseling Teen Addiction: Internet, Video Games, Texting: counseling Phoenix, Scottsdale Arizona

Teen “Drug’s”: Internet, Gaming, Smart Phone. Anxiety, Depression increase! Counseling Teens Phoenix Arizona.

What are your children and teens doing for the largest portion of their week? It is not sleep and it is not school and it is not sports and it is not reading. It is an addiction to the internet and media.

The list of video games children and teens are playing is infinite. Many teens are playing violent video games and many are playing fantasy video games and some are playing sports related video games. Some of the most popular are: Halo, Call of Duty, League of Legends, GTA grand Theft Auto and more.

Texting is taking up many hours of your child and teen’s day and it is most likely disrupting studying for school. Many children and teens in my office state they are texting at 3am during weekdays. The result is failing and poor grades. Furthermore they are exhausted and tired and this impacts their mood daily. Research on child and teen sleep is clear a child who is not receiving adequate sleep will have mood and behavioral issues at home and at school.

Many teens are watching you tube on their smart phones for hours on end. Some are watching movies, and comedy acts, some are watching much more. Children and teens are playing video games on their phones like Clash of Clans or Mind Craft etc.

Most teens and children have created more covert accounts on Instagram and Snapchat more so than a Facebook account. Teens are spending a great deal of time on their social media programs. Some are on twitter and other apps.

The total amount of time children and teens are spending on total electronic use is between 45-70 hours a week.

Watching movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime is pervasive and obviously there are endless TV series and movies to last a life time at their disposal.

There are some positives in using these devices. Yes, it can be used for studies and for social connection, however, it is all about balance and there is no balance when these devices are going 24-7.

An immense amount of research shows a correlation of: depression, anxiety, low self esteem, behavioral issues,poor social skills, mood issues, with the increase in internet, smart phone, and video game use.

Insomnia is on the rise and research by many medical journals state the electronic component is impacting your child’s brain and not allowing them to sleep as deeply and not allowing them to fall asleep when electronics are used late intothe night.

Children and families are being pulled apart because youth are holed up in their bedrooms glued to their smartphones and computers and I pads.

Families are not sharing their days together at the dinner table. Families are not spending enough one on one time together. Intimacy among families are on a huge decline.

Friendships are being replaced by playing a video game with someone your child has never met and feeling like this is what friendship is all about. Face to face communication has become less frequent and communication is switching to texting and internet chats.

Having someone like what you post is replacing real deep sharing of thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams.

The internet is a huge distraction for students that are studying. Many children and teens as young as 8 are going to adult web sites and watching inappropriate videos daily and are not focused on enjoying childhood. Childhood is being lost.

Physical activity is headed South and Physical health problems among youth are on the rise and is connected to inactivity. Diabetes for youth is skyrocketing and obesity is on the rise due to internet and media addiction.

Internet addiction is on the rise and children are dropping out of school due to this addiction. Creativity for children are at an all time low. Social skills, health, and mental health are at an all time low, and family communication are at an all time low as well.

Balance is vital for your child and teen!

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