Oppositional Defiant Teen:Counseling Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler

Your teen on average is spending over 70 hours per week on media. This includes: instagram, snapchat, facebook, texting, video games, Tv, NetFlix, Youtube, the internet, social media and more. Too much screen times creates a lot of problems with teens including and not limited too: mood disorders, anxiety, depression, social skills issues, failing grades, poor family communication problems, chaos and stress at home and at school, poor sleep, and physical health problems.

It is important to make electronics a privilege for your teen and if you do not you may see your child or teen is entitled with power and you have a daily power struggle. Grades and homework are neglected as well as family chores and family communication goes South!

Parents can be great role models by shutting off electronics during the day as well as spending time with family without checking one’s phone or computer.

A Parent can set clear written rules in relation to electronic use. Children for the most part and teens are not mature enough to set their own limits and boundaries with: tv, media, video games, etc. These rules will make your child safe and create health and a foundation for success.

Encouraging your child to exercise is very important for their mental health. Going for a hike, a bike ride, a walk, going to the gym, joining Karate, dance, lifting weights etc. A parent can set this example and take your child and sign them up for these activities.

Discuss the role of advertising and how they are being targeted to buy products by media. Discuss dangers of too much violence and how it can impact mood and sleep and aggression.

Have a time during the day where electronics are turned off . Dinner time is a great time to do so. Spend time playing a board game or cards with your children without media on.

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