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Children that do not honor their parents are on the rise . Children and teens feel it is ok to call parent’s name, scream at them, be verbally abusive and emotionally abusive. Many children and teens are running the house and parents are allowing themselves to be victimized by their children. It is not healthy for the child and it is not healthy for the parents. Family values and respecting mom and Dad must be paramount! By focusing more on achieving an ‘A’ you are teaching your child that how you treat me and how you talk to me is not important in life. When parents negotiate disrespectful behavior without firm boundaries and without following through with a consequence daily this lack of action means something to the individual child that they are saying basically you can continue walking all over me because I am not going to set a boundary or a consequence with this disrespectful behavior. Consistency daily is vital. Furthermore a parent is building a foundation for a Narcissistic, solipsistic, entitled, selfish , child and future adult. Children that do not treat others with respect are not treating themselves with respect as well. No child that abuses their parent’s verbally feels good about their emotional well being.

I have seen children and teenagers(6-18) in my office with both parents present call them the F…. word, throw phones at them , degrade them, and verbally abuse, and scream at them on a regular basis. This is so not ok and so unhealthy!!!!

Children that act this way will continue this behavior at school and with peers and in a corporate setting with their employer. Entitled and Narcissistic children become adults with the same behaviors. These children will treat their wives in a regarding manner and will not respect them as well.

Parents have great intentions. They want their children to excel in academics and sports and extracurricular activities however family must come first. If not you are putting time and energy into a situation that will not support your family or create long term love. Your child may go to a good college however he will not have success in all areas of his life specifically relationships and working with others. A thankless child and a narcissistic child will not be available for their parents if they have not been taught the value of family time, family values, and specifically how to treat and help family members on a regular basis.

Children and adolescent teenagers are using their smartphones and video games and electronics and TVs and iPads on average of 60-70 hours  per week.  This is not healthy and there is great amounts of research to support limiting electronics. No child should have hi or her smart phone is his or her room as well as: tv, iPad, Video games. Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics state this and most experts on children and teens support this fact.

Family time and family communication is vital. Spending time discussing your day and communicating without electronic devices is crucial. Having dinner without phones and TV is needed. Talking in the car with your children without ear buds in and texting is very important. Discussing family activities, chores, events, expectations, values, and how to communicate and treat others is essential.

Teaching your children: respect, teamwork, helping each other, doing things for family, empathy, and compassion must be a priority on your list otherwise your child will believe that it is not important and will continue their disrespect and abuse and unhealthy behaviors for a life time.

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