Teen Bullying: counseling depression, anxiety, ADHD, aggression Phoenix Scottsdale

Being bullied and teens and school age children that are rejected lead to feelings of powerlessness and isolation. Victims often feel an extremely intense desire to regain their power and turn to violent behaviors to regain their power.

Twenty five percent of students are bullied and of these children seventy percent are bullied at school.

Studies show that students that have been bullied often are very likely to be vulnerable to: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, social isolation, sleep issues and disorders, substance and drug dependence and alcohol abuse, cutting, and more mental health issues. Post traumatic stress Disorder and suicide have also been linked to bullying. Long term psychological damage is linked to bullying and abuse ( emotional, verbal, physical, mental).

Gov legislation and laws have not stopped the violence. We have had 50 school shootings since Sandy Hook only a few years ago this is outrageous and sad and tragic.

We must teach children and teens mood management skills, stress management, social skills, healthy way to communicate thoughts and feeliings and more. We need to teach children and teenagers: compassion, empathy, kindness, tolerance, respect, and coping skills for life. We must encnourgae youth to talk about bullying to parents and to share the info with the principal and all teachers and not look the other way. Cyberbulling also must be discussed it is happening with exponential frequency and is not ok.

Obtaining counseling for children and counseling for teens is important to address bullying to help youth learn skills to address this pain and provide parents solutions so your child does not suffer long term psychological disorders and other forms of harm to family, peers, or self.

Schools need to feel safe physically and emotionally for children and teenagers. Schools must be pro active with anti bullying programs and seminars and education on bullying on a regular basis. Schools should devote time to mental health issues since they will ooze out daily in the schools so it must be addressed!

A sixteen year old teen age girl-, who died after getting into a fight with another girl over a boy, was jumped by bullies who slammed her head against a bathroom sink at a school in Delaware Thursday morning.

A teen shot two students at Antigo High School’s prom this past Saturday. The student had been bullied since middle school! Reports state students had bullied him for years and made fun of his hygiene and called him names High School

The latest in a decades-long string of U.S. school shootings drew immediate national attention, as high schools are holding proms across the country.

There is a strong relationship between bullying and violence. Many teens that have committed violent acts and shootings and have killed others have suffered from alienataion from their peers in school, neglect, and often a history of abuse. Abuse can be: emotional, physical, or verbal abuse.

Many of the victimizers in bullying deaths and killings at high school are victimsTeen

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