College Depression from COVID 19; Counseling to help with Isolation from Peers feeding Depression. Learn Therapy skills to elevate mood at Lifeworks Az Counseling and Therapy.

There has been a huge increase in college mental health issues over the past 20 years. Many students are suffering from high levels of stress and anxiety. Some reported anxiety issues are: panic attacks, phobia, general anxiety , anxiety related to exams, anxiety related to work, anxiety related to peers, anxiety related to relationships, social anxiety, ptsd,  and performance anxiety. Many young college students are taking classes however they really do not know what they want to do upon graduation and picking a career path that one will enjoy can be a daunting task. Many college students do not have experience in the work world and classes do a very poor job of showing the college student what it will look like daily once they graduate. One may enjoy a class for example a criminal justice class however working as a traffic police officer is a lot different than receiving a major in criminal justice studies. One activity that will help a college student is an internship in the field they want to work or a summer job in the area they want to explore. Most students do not do so and end up changing majors and careers many times on average. Almost 20 percent of college students surveyed out of approx.: 100,000 college students and a bout of anxiety be it test anxiety or more. Colleges have very few staff members to support the students. Some universities have 60,000- 90,000 students and only 30-50 people in total to support mental health services. Many colleges and universities have short term programs( a few sessions and then they refer clients out or a workshop that is positive)

College and University students have reported feeling depressed and almost 15 % of college students were diagnosed with depression in the last few years on average. Treating depression can take more than a few counseling sessions. There are a number of ways to treat and manage stress, anxiety and depression.

My approach to help my client’s is a unique personal approach. Each client brings there own unique personality, perceptions, motivation , and goals. I am a strength based practitioner being that I focus on my client’s positive strengths and use their talents to spring board them to desired change through empathy and building rapport. Developing a comfortable relationship with my clients and making them feel safe and feel supported his vital.

I spend  a lot of time finding out about my client’s. Learning about them from birth till present. I explore all aspects of my client’s lives . Finding out what is working in their lives and what is not working. Exploring areas they are excited about and areas that do not interest them . I want to know about there : friends, family, hobbies, sleep habits, exercise habits, daily habits, dietary habits, academics, work and much more. Learning about the above is essential in creating new balance and empowering students to learn ways to manage there mood, stress, and anxiety.

Beyond talk therapy I teach my client’s specific tools they can use to manage stress, anxiety,depressed mood, anger, relationships, academics and more. There are many research based counseling therapies that I teach: CBT, EMDR, DBT , VMBR, Progressive Relaxation, Mindfulness and more. If you would like more info please email me from my web site: and I can answer any questions you might need answered.

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