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There are many mental health care concepts to help children ,teens, and adults with suffering without psychiatric medications being the only route for you to create physical and mental health.

Many children and adults feel helpless. This learned helplessness has manifested itself as a loss of faith in other people and your self.

When you become overwhelmed and alienated and are not able to receive adequate support it can become very self defeating.

It is important to identify and overcome feelings of helplessness, alienation, and lack of trust in your world. The basis of any caring relationship is the other persons caring attitude toward you, which in turn encourages you to care about yourself.

Working on your own reaction to stress full events is important. For example one may see a divorce as a horrible event and another may embrace it as an opportunity for freedom, renewal, and new life opportunities.

Resentment from the past will hold you back from growth and full happiness. You should feel welcomed with joy and zest in relationships. Learn to display happiness and joy when you see others. Be happy they are around and in your life ; obviously those that treat you with respect.

Do not drug painful emotions or feelings. This is an opportunity for you to grow and transcend negative life experiences. Pain is an opportunity for self understanding and change. Welcoming these painful feelings is an opportunity to transform helpless suffering into positive events and feelings. We all need help in successfully overcoming painful emotions.

Many client’s attack people that are trying to help them. They do so because they feel vulnerable, embarrassed, fearful of rejection, intimacy, or authority.

Most problems grow out of relationships going all the way back to childhood. Psychological well being requires new and improved relationships.

There are many areas we can improve upon in relationships. Being transparent and sharing your day is important as well as being curious about what your partner did that day as well. Intimacy ( in to me you see) is vital for healthy relationships. Healthy communication is important and this must be done FACE to FACE. Texting can destroy communication. Healthy communication must be done in private without electronic devices and must be face to face. Expressing : hopes, thoughts, desires, wishes, and feelings is all a part of healthy communication. Having mutual respect for each other and consideration is vital for mutual healthy relationships. Someone who keeps his wife up all night when he can go in the other room is inconsiderate. He is not thinking about his partners sleep. Having a sense of humor and laughing at yourself will help keep you balanced. There are many other elements in healthy relationships however these are a few great ones.

Counseling and psychotherapy are: social, psychological, spiritual, educational, and holistic natural approaches to deal with emotional pain, relationships, family, behavioral pain, challenges, and suffering.

Articles are not to be taken as a substitute for professional advice or counseling.