Child therapy counseling: behavior, emotional Phoenix, CaveCreek, Scottsdale Az.

Signs and symptoms that a child may have a mental-health or substance-use disorder can be a major change in behavior, mood and friends. Many parents have an intuitive vibe that something is off balance in their child or teen.

Over twenty percent of children and adolescents suffer from a mental health disorders or a learning disability. Over eight one percent of all psychological challenges or disorders begin in childhood.

When mental health issues are not addressed children suffer in school as well as at home and with peers. They also have very negative outcomes in life when left un treated through mental health therapy and counseling as well as other treatments.

Schools have a huge impact on your child and his or her success. If a child is struggling in school this is a huge red flag. If your child is struggling with academics, peers, social, grades, behavior, or emotionally.

School is on your child’s mind all the time. He or she has reports from school, grades from school, friendships from school. If your child is not having positive reports or behaviors than things need to change.

A child’s self esteem and feeling a sense of friendship and belonging is fostered in school . If your child is coming home with poor grades and behavioral issues it is time to figure out a behavior plan to change this in school as well as make shifts at home.

Some schools provide a behavioral plan and have adept teachers that have a small class and are able to encourage your child and help mold their behavior in a positive way. Most schools are overwhelmed and teachers have no time to work on classroom behaviors, social skills, self esteem, giving one on one time to your child. Your child may very well need one on one time in a small setting and not a classroom of 30 plus students to learn.

There are special services that schools can provide to assist your child with his emotional and behavioral challenges when they are interfering with school.

Parents can learn skills to help their children with behavioral and emotional needs at home to make the behaviors transition to the school. Behavior modification is just one way. Creating a plan daily is vital to make positive behavioral changes. It takes some work like a team however you do not have to have ten more years of poor grades and behavior issues at school if you get early support for your child and adolescent. Early intervention with someone who has expertise with children and teens and families in mental health is best.

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