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We know that children and adolescents do not have the part of their brain developed that are responsible for healthy life choices. Teenagers are full of poor judgment and if you look back at your teenage years you can find times you made poor choices most likely as well as unhealthy choices. Take this and combine it with hormones that are pervasive as well as physical body changes and this is a recipe for big challenges in youth. This is a highly volatile combination for teenagers world wide. Mental health disorders pop up during these years.

Communication is changing in our society. In the past we spoke to someone on a phone or in person. Now we “ speak” through SIRI, texting, instagram, snapchat, facebook, via ps4, xbox, etc.

Teens are impulsive and may send and inappropriate text or photo that initially is believed to be between friends and as you know now can be shared not just with school peers but posted on line for the world to see . This can have a devastating effect on a teens mental health in a very negative way.

Many children and teens feel betrayed by friends they communicate with in this digital error and often find themselves feeling shamed and embarrassed when private texts become public or private photos become public. Many teens become depressed due to cyberbullying or feeling rejected by peers. Social isolation is a big issue for children and teenagers that impact their emotional well being and physical health.

The Rate of depression in the United States of America increased in children and teens twelve year and older from six percent to seven percent over an eight year period. It was last reported in 2013 in this study.

Research in a California study states that there were warning signs in all the cases of suicide among youth that suicide in Santa Clara County in a 200 page report. There was evidence of a history of mental health struggles and precipitating circumstances for those that suicide.

Prevention efforts would include interventions, such as the combined use of psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavior therapy, and early detection and identification of youth with symptoms of schizophrenia and other severe mental illness.

Early detection , counseling and prevention show they reduce depressive symptoms in children and teenagers.

If your child is out of balance as far as : grades, homework, mood, electronic use, not spending time with family, isolation, anger, lack of friends,depressed mood, negative thinking, changes in behavior, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, self harm, changes in appetite, changes in things they once enjoyed, change in grades,  these are just a few red flags . that your child needs professional help from someone in child-teen mental health.

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