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Who does not have stress? If we are human we all have stress and mental health challenges.


Children and teens have stress. Many children and teens have fears socially and at school. Many children struggle with learning due to dyslexia or ASD or ADHD, Anxiety, Depression. Children and teens are trying to fit in socially and meet new friends. Youth have challenges with peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and academics. Children and teens are in pain due to parents that have been divorced as well as trauma and grief and loss due to school changes, home changes, finding new friends. Children are struggling with their self esteem and feeling good about who they are what they have to offer to friends and family.


Parents should watch what they talk about in relation to stress in front of children. The news and media are HUGE stressors that can impact your child’s mood. Depression and anxiety are connected to media watching. As you know the news is 99 percent negative and fear based…doom and gloom. War, terror, disasters are not what you want your child watching daily !


Limiting your child’s use of electronics, video games, smart phones, internet, social media ,news is one of the best things a parent can do for their child’s mental health !!!!


Over 70 Percent of Americans state they have experienced a mental health issue.


Over forty percent of Americans state they have experienced depression. Over thirty percent of Americans have stated they have experienced Panic or anxiety.


Only approximately ten percent of Americans state they live with a high level of mental health.


Seventy five percent of Americans have relied on friends when they were having mental health challenges and over fifty percent of individuals have turned to exercise to cope with stress.


Almost Forty percent of Americans turn to alcohol when feeling down or stressed out.


Red flags indicating issues in children and adolescents’ mental health are often overlooked and dismissed. The unfortunate reality is that 50 percent of mental health conditions begin by age 14 and 75 percents begin before age 24 according to a report by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. In addition to this, approximately 50 percent of students age 14 and older with a mental illness will drop out of high school.

Teaching children healthy ways to deal with stress, school, healthy communication, peers, academics , social situations, self esteem, family challenges, grief and loss, frustration, ADHD, learning disabilities, ASD, anxiety, depression and more are the best way to create success and health and balance in your child. has been working with youth issues for over fifteen years and collaborate with parents to create success emotionally , mentally, and behaviorally.


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