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There is a lot of research on emotional support and social skills for healthy child development. Stressors like moving, changing schools, divorce, loss of a loved one, a new school, bullying, stress on Mom and Dad all contribute to brain deficits in children pre fatally as well as in early childhood.

Social skills is crucial for success in life. I see many children and teens and they have high IQ’s however their emotional skill set and behavioral skill set as well as motivation need help.

As you speak to teachers at parent teacher conferences you can ask how your child’s social and emotional skills compare to others in his or her class.  You should also ask what the teachers see as your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement upon.

You can ask what your child needs to work on at home and what their goals are for : reading? Math? Science? writing? Focusing on goals is better than looking at grades alone.

Parents can ask how they can monitor goals and how they can help their child with these goals. Knowing what is being used to evaluate your child.

Organizational skill si huge. Disorganization is common with many intelligent children in elementary school. Many children need organizational support at home and a system to stay organized and make sure homework is done and turned in on time. Projects are not left for last minute. Enough time is created for studying for tests.  Time is managed properly.

Does your child have friends at school? How does your child interact with friends or peers? How does your child interact with adults at school? Social skills are vital for a child’s success at school.

How does your child handle frustration or challenges academically and socially and emotionally? Many children do not know what to do with their emotions and stuff them. These emotions will at some point ooze out into rage, substance abuse, addictive behaviors and more if not addressed.

Children need adequate: sleep, exercise, nutrition, listening, affection, parenting., love and more to create a healthy whole child who is balanced and successful. Parenting, counseling, coaching, teamwork with the school all will combine to create a healthy balanced child or teenager.

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